In this terrible time of the infoamous COVID-19 crisis and isolation from the outside world because of it, most people spend their time watching their favourite Netflix series, playing video games, baking cookies, cleaning their apartments, reading books and so on…

Are you bored?

Because our 100 toes team isn’t primarily a team of master-chefs and our backs start hurting after multiple hours of watching tv, are sick of “STAY HOME” hashtags on Instagram and we are eager to express our creativity, we decided to organise a creative project meant for everyone who shares our resstlessnes to make something bigger. We think that we are not the only ones who have dealt with a problem called “BOREDOM” so we decided to take it as is and make a fun game out of it. An open call for artist meant to encourage creativity during the time of being quarantined. So we invite everyone who has a creative side to them to join us in this fun quest – open call named KARANTENA! And because we value your work we also set aside a few prizes which will be awarded to the best creations.


As we are aware that producing something where the focal character is your flatmate, your playful dog who suffers from being trapped at home or a hot neighbour folding laundry in the balcony across the street, may be boring and predictable, we decided that we want to be surprised by something new and inpiring only your creative mind can think of!
As we know some of you are students who live in a 14m2 room (just like us:)) and may not have all the means to create at hand, we made the theme for the open call so simple that you only need yourself to make it happen! The name of the theme is ”SELF-PORTRAIT”!
With this title we are not limiting you to only drawing yourself or taking a selfie, it’s simply meant to inspire you and makes you show us who or what you are, or how you are feeling in the captivity of your home.

What do I need?

It’s as simple as that! we just want you to show us how creative you can actually be with the subject and to give you even more freedom the mean of your artwork can be anything you like! Draw, take photos, write, paint, make a song or video for all we care! Just be as creative and free as you can be!

The open call is created in a way that will not endanger neither you or anyone else in the process and your health wont suffer due to it. We also want to let you know that if you decide to share your work on any social media platform you won’t be receiving “stay home” hashtags in the comment, because you can justify it with the fact that your project was made in the safety of your own home.

Prizes and sponsors

The best work will be awarded with some amazing PRIZES brought to you by our team and fellow creative brands who want to make your days pass faster and also a chance to be PUBLISHED o the platform of NEW EDGE MAGAZINE in the “virtual gallery” space, where you and your creation will be shown to a bigger audience!

Conditions of cooperation